About REDfm English

  • History of RTM

    RTM started broadcasting radio on 1 April 1946, and television on 28 December 1963. The first two radio stations are Radio Malaya (in Malay) and The Blue Network (in English). The transmitters were located first in Singapore and later in Kuala Lumpur (opened in 1950).

    With the independence of Malaya on 31 August 1957 Radio Malaya was split into two separate stations; the original studios in Singapore was taken over by a new station called Radio Singapura and Radio Malaya moved to Kuala Lumpur going on air from the new location on 1 January 1959. It would be later renamed Radio Malaysia on 16 September 1963 with the transmissions beginning with its trademark words Inilah Radio Malaysia (This is Radio Malaysia) on the day the Malaysia of today was born. Television services under the name Malaysia Televisyen or Malaysia Television (Malaysia TV) started on 28 December 1963 in time for the national New Year celebrations in Kuala Lumpur and regional telecasts in the Klang Valley in Selangor state, with its first studios being located in Jalan Ampang. The then 10-month-old Television Singapura(launched on 16 February 1963) became part of Malaysia Televisyen as its state station for Singapore viewers, a role served until 1965, when Singapore became independent.

    Radio and TV operations merged in 1968 as the new Angkasapuri headquarters was inaugurated. Thus Radio Malaysia and Televisyen Malaysia's identities merged to become Radio Televisyen Malaysia (Radio Television Malaysia, RTM) in 1969. A second TV station opened also in the same year as its rebranding, and in 1971 Radio Malaysia became the first radio station to broadcast 24 hours a day, nationwide, thus becoming Rangkaian Nasional (National Network) in the process.

    RTM began broadcasting in colour since 1978 in Peninsular Malaysia and 1980 in Sabah and Sarawak.

    Between 1972 and 1999, RTM shared time with TV Pendidikan, the national education channel, in the daytime. TV1 introduced daytime transmissions in 1994 thus resulting to TV Pendidikan ceased broadcasting on TV1, while TV2 introduced daytime transmissions in 2000. TV1 broadcast overnight many times since the early 1990s, but daily 24-hour transmissions did not come until 2003, which was later cancelled. Permanent 24-hour broadcasting was introduced in 2006 on TV2, and 2012 on TV1.

  • History of Radio Malaysia Sarawak

    Radio Malaysia Sarawak is the official broadcaster of the Government of Sarawak. Since its inception as a Broadcasting Station in 1954, Radio Sarawak became the main publication of the broadcaster in respect of programmes and services directed towards audiences, technology development, radio and television broadcasting.

    Radio Sarawak describe its core as various voice in Sarawak through it’s distinguish programmes, while carrying its listeners by exploring the world with news reports that is fast and unbiased. Many also pioneered radio Sarawak, promoting cultural and art events. The role of radio should not be viewed as an essence in unity towards to the development of mental, physical and material the people place in particular communities and the country in generally.

    Radio Malaysia Sarawak operates four local stations while maintaining the national network. Sarawak radio broadcasting started in four languages, namely Chinese, Iban, Malay and English through a network of over 31/2 hours on weekdays and 63/4 hours on weekends. The broadcasting body established and a building equipped with a studio was built in the path of Rock while Transmitting Stations erected in Green Road. Radio broadcast was initiated as a pilot service until 7 June 1954. According to the statement of the year 1954, Sarawak Government issue Press releases that Kuching, loaded with speech, especially the Duchess of Kent and his Royal Highness the Raja Muda.

    Today, Radio Malaysia Sarawak is Known as RTM Sarawak located at Jabatan Penyiaran Sarawak, Jalan P.Ramlee, 93614 Kuching, Sarawak with 4 station namely SARAWAKfm, REDfm, WAIfm and Bidayuhfm.

  • REDfm

    REDfm formerly known as Sarawak RED Network. REDfm is a shared frequency station consisting of the English and Chinese service. REDfm English show times are:

    • Midday Mix Part 1 : 1000 - 1300
    • Midday Mix Part 2 : 1300 - 1600
    • After 9                 : 2100 - 2400 


    for Variety


    • Cowboy Night    :   Monday  (2205PM)
    • Pillow Talk         :   Tuesday (2205PM)
    • The Loft            :   Wednesday (2205PM)
    • Rock Zone         :   Thursday (2205PM)
    • IIC Shares         :   Friday (1130AM)
    • Your Health        :   Friday (1430PM)
    • REDAlert Chart   :   Friday (2205PM)
    • the Living Room :   Saturday (1105AM)
    • Youth Chat         :   Saturday (1415PM)
    • House of Dance  :   Saturday (2205PM)
    • Memories           :   Sunday (1415PM)
    • Religious Programme  : Sunday (2115PM)
    • Retro Mix           :   Sunday (2205PM)
  • Organisation Chart

  • Vision, Mission and Objective


    • to provide radio broadcast with high quality nation-wide and contiguously be able to attract more radio listeners to RTM radio programmes.


    • to provide broadcasting services and information through radio to inculcate character, personality, thinking and good relevant values as to progress and to succeed the development and socio-economy of the local communities in-line with national aspirations.


    • to boost-up RTM to be the national excellent broadcasting organization and among the best in the world.


    • to support the government and national vision
    • to provide programmes which may fulfill the aspirations of the listeners
    • to identify the broadcasting services of high quality
    • to lead RTM more progressive and profitable
    • to enhance participants in the international broadcasting
    • to take care of the interest of the serving staff